Tip For Hotel Maintenance Staff

Does anyone know how many guest complaints the hotel’s front desk receives for television remote controls that are not working?

Who’s responsibility is it?

It is the Engineering departments responsibility to know whether faulty TV remotes are the cause of guest dissatisfaction . . . and if so, take action to ensure such a simple thing is not the cause of more complaints.

To a guest, the TV remote could be one of the most important items in the entire hotel room. Many times, turning on the TV is the first thing a guest does upon entering their room. In fact, in upscale hotels, it often is the bellman’s duty when rooming a guest to use the remote to turn on a music station. This is a clever tactic to allow the bellman to verify a working TV/remote before leaving the room.

Hotels without bellstaff have other systems to manage this important amenity. For instance, many of the best hotels have trained their roomkeepers to check the remote while cleaning the room. The top hotel engineers know the number one problem with TV remotes is dead batteries, therefore, they institute a battery replacement program, changing batteries on a regular schedule.

The number two problem stems from worn out connections in the remote. This problem is only solved with a new remote, therefore, the best maintenance departments keep a supply of substitute remotes available to the front desk and housekeeping for easy replacement.

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