The Rooms Chronicle…online is a profit improving, educational and stimulating resource for hotel managers and employees.

Focused particularly on the “rooms” side of the organization*, The Rooms Chronicle was founded in 1993 as a print journal available by subscription only to hotel managers and owners. Using situations from managers currently working in hotels, the journal contained helpful, hands-on, how to’s to help improve the hotel’s profits. From the reservation process, through guest check-in, to room cleaning, hotel maintenance, guest service, employee training, rooms accounting, complaint handling — The Rooms Chronicle provided answers for operations.

Keeping with the times, The Rooms Chronicle (TRC) has moved to an online-only presence. With hundreds of articles in our archives, and dozens of experts available, The Rooms Chronicle…online will become your go-to source for operations help.

To obtain answers to specific questions, use the “ask us” page. We will guide you to free information, if possible, or provide you with abstracts to articles available for a fee.

And feel free to add your comments to our posts. Collectively, “rooms” managers have a vast knowledge base, and The Rooms Chronicle…online is a great place to share.

*For our articles, “Rooms” side of the hotel organization includes front office, housekeeping, bellstand, concierge, reservations, front desk, telephone/IT, housekeeping, public space cleaners, laundry, turndown, energy, human resources, purchasing, engineering, risk management, security, and more.